Club Boys Random Pick Up

When it comes to the clubs these gay boys know exactly where they should be if they want to find a random pick up and they found each other very easily. The club was filled with gay boys that were ready to fuck but when they saw each other they knew they had found what they were looking for.

They circled around each other before they finally met at the bar for some chit chat. That didn’t last long and pretty soon they were in the bathroom making out in one of the stalls. They decided to go somewhere more comfortable though and headed off to one boy’s apartment.

Once they got there it didn’t take them long to get naked and get their hard dicks out. One boy quickly took the lead and pushed the other down to his knees and told him to suck him off. He was very happy to do so and took that long rod into his mouth all the way to the back of his throat. Once he had him good and hard he turned and presented that tight little rosebud to him and soon found his asshole filled with that big dick. Those two really went at it. You’re going to be stroking at your own cock soon as you see these two hotties fucking with wild abandon.

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